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Steak & Ale pie

Beef steak, local stout and onions, slow-cooked and wrapped up in a shortcrust pastry case.

Ingredients: Filling: beef steak, stout, bacon , onion, carrot, beef stock*, thyme, cocoa powder, sugar, red wine vinegar, flour, black pepper, salt. Pastry: flour, butter (lactose free), salt, water. *may contain egg, soya, celery and fish

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Chicken & Mushroom pie

A classic combination of succulent chicken and mushrooms encased in shortcrust pastry, made extra special with a splash of Sherry.

Ingredients: Filling: Chicken breast, chestnut mushrooms, dried mushrooms (oyster mushroom, cloud ear fungus, slippery jack mushroom, shiitake mushroom), onion, garlic, dry sherry, cream (lactose free), parsley, butter (lactose free), olive oil, flour, salt, white pepper. Pastry: flour, butter, salt, water.

cheese&onion cut open square.jpg

Cheese & Onion pie

Mature cheddar cheese layered with softened onions with a sprinkle of fresh chives in a shortcrust pastry case.

Ingredients: Filling: Cheddar cheese, onion, spring onion, chives, salt, black pepper, butter (lactose free). Pastry: flour, butter (lactose free), salt, water.

  • Pie Witch uses locally sourced ingredients where possible. 
  • Pies are partially cooked (pastry is raw).
  • Pies can be frozen.

Cooking instructions

cooking instructions graphic.png
  • Preheat oven and baking tray at 180C
  • Egg wash pie
  • Place pie on preheated baking tray
  • Cook for 35 mins from chilled, 45 mins from frozen
  • Enjoy!