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Pie Witch makes traditional savoury British pies, handcrafted in Helsinki. 

British pies, the savoury variety, are a meal in themselves. Delicious oozy fillings of meat, fish, cheese or vegetables encased in a buttery pastry case!

Whilst sticking to the traditional British style pie, Pie Witch aims to use Finnish ingredients as much as possible. 

Founded by British foodie Carole Kurowski, the Pie Witch story starts with a hunt for a pie one lunchtime. Yes there is lihapiirakka (Finnish meat pie), but she was hankering after a proper British style pie. There was only one thing for it, get your rolling pin out and make your own.

Then came Restaurant Day in May 2016. A sellout success. Thank you to all of Pie Witch's very early customers! After many months of baking, tasting and planning Pie Witch launched in February 2017.